If your redundant employees receive proactive advice and help so they get a new job quickly, you will be perceived as a good employer.

We offer highly competitive rates compared with the major consultancies as we usually find candidates pro-active and well motivated. After coming to terms with the termination most people just need a professional c.v., direction, and encouragement to succeed.

Our Approach

We offer a highly individual, cost effective service, tailored to a client's needs and budget. It can be undertaken on a one to one or group session.

Our proactive approach aims to prevent the negative spiral which can be so destructive to the self-confidence of the redundant employee.

During the Consultation Period

We are able to counsel employees on their course of action in order to properly prepare themselves for a productive job search.

All candidates are given a job search booklet, together with our own comprehensive checklist derived from front end experience.

We encourage a self-analytical approach to identify strengths and talents, and believe that if they are encouraged to set targets and report back at pre-detremined intervals, job seekers find their motivation redoubled.

CV Preparation

The client's c.v. is critically important in the job search and must be regarded as his/her 'marketing brochure'. We assist in the preparation of a professional c.v. which will enhance all skills and experience they are able to offer.

Proactive Job Search

Researching the market, self presentation, company research, networking, speculative applications and replying to advertised positions are all covered and experience has shown that candidates who have been given this preparation score highly in the job market.

Interviewing skills are covered, and the candidate advised on presentation, appearance, and typical questions asked at interview.


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