Employment Tribunals


What happens when you receive an ET1? Who will represent you, deal with all the correspondence and try to get a settlement within your instructions?

We represent both respondents and applicants in the employment tribunals in England, Wales & Scotland where we have an enviable record of success. One advantage of being "poachers and gamekeepers" is that it enables us to look at a case from both sides.


We will vet whether you have a case in the first instance (since it is our policy never to take a claimant's case if there is no case). Assuming you have a case, then we will ensure that the correct procedures are followed and represent your interests to the conclusion of the case.


Firstly we will evaluate the case and advise you of what we think the chances are of your success. We will undertake all the paperwork in connection with a claimant's application and undertake any negotiations on the Respondent's behalf to resolve a claim prior to employment tribunal. We will take over the case management, which involves complying with Tribunal Directions Orders, witness statements, putting the case bundle together and represent in the employment tribunal itself.

Would you like to experience a mock tribunal in front of a real tribunal panel?

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