Complaints Handling
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Complaints Procedure

1 Notice of complaint

Should a client have a complaint of any kind relating to work undertaken by the Company they should put the complaint in writing to Deirdre Stamford within 4 weeks of the complaint arising. The notice of complaint should be accompanied by details of the grounds on which the complaint is based.

2 Consideration

Deirdre Stamford will consider the complaint and may seek more information from the complainant and persons involved in the work which is the subject of the complaint. It may be necessary to hold a meeting of the parties concerned.

3 Result

Deirdre Stamford will endeavour to reach a conclusion on the complaint within 4 weeks of having received notification.

4 Appeal

Should the client still not be satisfied they may appeal. The appeal will be considered by a person who has not previously been involved in either the work or consideration of the complaint.

5 Limitation of damages

It is agreed that damages for breach of this contract or for negligence shall not include consequential loss and shall not exceed the fee for the contracted work.


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