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John Stamford + Associates Limited is regulated by the Ministry of Justice in respect of regulated claims management activities ref. CRM6497

See Claims Management Regulation register of authorised businesses www.claimsregulation.gov.uk

Registered office: Argent House, 5 Goldington Road, Bedford MK40 3JY

Company Registration Number: 4455993

Country of Registration: England

We are beginning to think our approach to resolving disputes is unique. Whenever there is a dispute between the employer and employee and we become involved we always do our best to resolve the dispute to everyone’s satisfaction by careful negotiation. We do not favour the aggressive, intimidating, time constraints approach which seems to be increasingly favoured by solicitors and some HR consultants. We think satisfying the client is the objective. 

What our clients say about us:

“Thank you so very, very much for drawing this to a swift conclusion.”

“I admire the work that you do, and am very pleased for my clients that you do it!”

“Thank you for the fantastic service.”




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